Shri Krishna Ribbon Blender


Discover the Precision and Efficiency of "SHRI KRISHNA" Ribbon Cutter and Ribbon Blender

Our "SHRI KRISHNA" Ribbon Cutter and Blender exemplify the epitome of design sophistication and robust construction in the world of mixing technologies. Engineered for versatility, these mixers distinguish themselves through their unique functionalities; the Ribbon Cutter is adept at granulizing smaller particles into fine powder, whereas the Ribbon Blender specializes in the homogeneous blending of materials.

Crafted for simplicity yet remarkable in performance, these machines are activated in scenarios demanding the meticulous mixing of dry substances. They are particularly indispensable when a precise quantity of chemicals needs to be uniformly distributed within a larger volume of dry material, such as fillers. Their straightforward design ensures an operation that is not only efficient but also remarkably trouble-free.

Constructed from high-quality steel plates, the body of the blender forms a durable trough, featuring convenient inlets at the top and a singular discharge outlet at the bottom. At its core, a shaft equipped with steel spiders supports the meticulously arranged ribbons/cutters and anti-directional fins. This assembly rotates on bearings housed within a specially designed housing, complete with gland packings on both sides to ensure a seamless operation. Power is transmitted via a gear belt arrangement, all mounted on a sturdy frame made of angle iron or channel framework.

Applications Across Industries

The versatility of the "SHRI KRISHNA" Ribbon Blenders and Cutters makes them a preferred choice in a wide array of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Insecticide and Pesticide Formulations: Enhancing the efficacy of chemical compounds through uniform mixing.
  • Cattle & Poultry Feed: Ensuring balanced nutrition with thoroughly mixed feed ingredients.
  • Dyes & Paints: Achieving consistent hues and textures in pigments and paint mixtures.
  • Chemical Industry: Facilitating the homogenous blending of various chemical powders.
  • Spices Mixing: Crafting the perfect blend of spices for culinary excellence.
  • Namkeen Mixing: Snacks and namkeens are meticulously mixed with spices to attain uniformity in taste and texture. Designs are improvised to ensure breakage is minimized and turning shell design ensures safe discharge of snacks onto the discharge trays

And many more sectors where precision mixing and blending are paramount.

Explore how "SHRI KRISHNA" Ribbon Cutters and Blenders can revolutionize your production processes with unmatched efficiency and reliability.

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